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Today is
March 19, 2018
08:54 AM

Our purpose at Truth Radio is to hold the plumbline of Biblical Values against the ills of society.

We know that many goverenment employees live sacrificial lives of service. We respect them. However, we also know that authorities within government and powers with greater influence than government are working today to defeat Biblical values.

These powers have the practice of creating mysterious incidents. Then they refuse to tell us "how it happened." One such tragedy is 9-11. Forty Seven steel towers over a hundred stories tall could not possibly have "melted" with the limited and quickly dissipating heat from the crashed jet liners.

So, what caused the towers to collapse at free-fall speed? What caused building seven to fall hours after the planes crashed? Countless other questions are asked forcefully through powerful videos. One such film is "Loose Change II." It is available in DVD and you can buy it from the producers directly for a little more than $20 including shipping. One caution: The DVD is packed with so much extra material that you cannot copy it to an ordinary DVD blank. The producers encourage copying, but in order to make copies for your friends you must have special equipment.

Truth Radio has that equipment. There are three versions available here:
1. An ordinary CD of the movie ONLY that will play on any modern computer, but NOT on a DVD player;
2. An ordinary DVD of the movie ONLY that will play on your television through your DVD player;
3. The entire DVD (double density -- full seven gigabite version -- with "extras") that will play on your television.

You may order any one or all of the above, or mulitiple copies from Truth Radio, PO Box 344, Nipomo, CA 93444.

The quality of the DVD you will hold in your hands will be much better than the one you can download at the Google site. The other advantage is that if you order a CD copy from us, you can easily copy it, and if you have an ordinary DVD copier and order the DVD "movie only" version from us, you will be able to make inexpensive copies of even the DVD. As you order keep in mind that it costs us a little more than a dollar to produce an ordinary CD, and regular DVDs cost a little under $2 to produce, but double density DVD blanks cost about ten times as much as an ordinary DVD blank, so for us to produce the entire DVD for you, we will spend over THREE dollars. After that we have to pay postage. Keep all that in mind and send whatever you can. BE SURE to tell us exactly what you want us to send. Then when your order arrives, make copies for your friends. The 9-11 questions must be answered! Nobody working for any government agency should rest until the highest authorities answer the issues raised by this video.

Here is a link to the video. You can watch it now on your computer.

An hour and twenty minutes.
Click above and you can listen and watch on your media player.

Twenty minutes well spent.
Click above if you are one of those who objects "There could not have been a cover up. Too many people would have to keep their mouths shut."

Then there is the mystery of those quick media "know-it-all" explanations.

Click above here to see a short video asking how those scripts could have been written so quickly."

-- Richard Palmquist
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