Please help us find someone to write the music for this poem.
I'm a country singer.
I sing about life.
I sing about its joys and
I sing about its strife.

I sing about going to a bar
and stayin' there all night.
Until ya land in jail
and about all who fight.

When I sing about goin' to court
I got a line to repeat:
It's all about money,
Yah, it's all about money.

When you go to jail
and land in court
if money's in your pocket
you got a good resort.

It's all about money.
If trouble haunts your path
and you got no money
you can count and do your math

But it won't do no good,
your troubles will persist.
Because it's all about money.
It's all about money.

So, you know the price of justice?
I don't know the price.
But if you want to win in court
without paying

You better be real nice, because
It's all about money.
And that ain't funny.

Copyright 2012 By Richard Palmquist, October 25, 2012
Written after a frustrating day in
judge Duffy's courtroom at the
San Luis Obispo County Superior
Court watching a friend be victimized
by inconsiderate procedural nonsense
involving the ineptitude of a Public
Defender and a prejudiced judge.