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A Google search of “Amendment XXVIII” will bring to your computer a blizzard of proposed changes to the U.S. Constitution. One of those proposals is an almost book-length document seeking to re-establish the intent of our Founders. The formal method of moving an amendment toward ratification involves the need to petition the U.S. Congress to begin the ratification process. However, no matter how many thousands of signatures might appear on a petition, nor whether a petition exists at all, if enough members of Congress agree upon the wording of a proposed amendment, it can move forward. To get the attention of Congress a proposed amendment must be brief and it must express a valid single point. Here is the suggestion of

AMENDMENT XXVIII to the U.S. Constitution (Proposed)
All courts authorized to exist or that have otherwise come to exist under the authority of this Constitution, whether Federal, State or Local, including the United States Supreme Court, shall be required to apply this Constitution, interpreted under the doctrine of original intent, on a case by case basis.

No prior judicial decision, no application of the doctrine of stare decisis, shall ascend in authority over the clear meaning and intent of the words of this Constitution and its Amendments.

All prior judicial decisions shall be observed as advisory, without authority, whether or not in conflict with the application of the verbal intent of the words of this Constitution.

This article shall be inoperative unless it shall have been ratified as an amendment to the Constitution by the legislatures of three fourths of the several States within seven years from the date of its submission to the States by the Congress.

You can help make this amendment a reality. Truth Radio works hard to help restore the ideals of our Founders. We believe today's process of “justice” is distorted and that to get a fair hearing is as likely as winning a Las Vegas jackpot. The reason our courts distort fairness and fail to apply Constitutional rule is that our founders left out this instruction.

If you want this idea to grow – grow it yourself. Tell your friends. Spread the word.

But usually it takes money to promote an idea like this, Truth Radio will have power ONLY if you provide the fuel. We do not want money you need for your personal existence. But if you can donate even just a dollar, it will help us promote the need for Congress to authorize this proposed amendment.

It should be ratified by the states and become an official part of what you experience in court.

– Richard Palmquist
Posted November 23, 2012