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Today is
March 19, 2018
08:53 AM

What is the Creator's name?

There is a movement today involved in researching the roots of the name of God. Some people claim we must call God by just the right name in order to be related to him. These folks even claim that "Jesus" is not the correct name for our Savior.

When I was in fourth grade the teacher told our class, "Take your paper, and write down your name." We all obeyed. Then, walking to the first desk in the first isle, the teacher picked up the paper and held it for all of us to see. The student had written “Mary Jones” on her paper. "This is 'Mary Jones,' correct?" the teacher asked the class. We all nodded or shouted our affirmation. "NO" the teacher firmly retorted. "This piece of paper and this ink is not Mary. Mary is sitting right here at her desk. This paper has Mary's name written on it. It represents her, but it is not her. There is a difference." Wow. What an impression that made on me. It made me understand and never forget that words are not reality. Words are symbols.

Significantly, it was the Holy Perfect Word of the Creator that was used to create His Universe and all that we see. However, when we examine the physical universe, it takes a great deal of wisdom to see the Word. (In a book I have just completed, to be published soon, the thoughtful reader will find a way to get a little glimpse of the Word), but we will NEVER understand or "hear" that Word by which the Creator worked.

Now, let's examine a couple important facts. Let's first examine respect. We should address the Creator and the Redeemer with respect. My father's name was Herman Phillip Palmquist; however, not once in the love relationship I had with him right up to his final 96th year did I ever call him by his name. I respected him. That's why I called him "Dad." The Bible speaks of this principle. If we are to follow the example of the Redeemer as He walked the earth we should talk of the Father using the term He used: Mar 14:36 "And he said, Abba, Father, all things are possible unto thee; take away this cup from me: nevertheless not what I will, but what thou wilt." That word "Abba" rightly translated is "Papa." In Old Testament times true Hebrews would never allow themselves to pronounce "the name." They would only write the Hebrew characters that we know as "JWHW" in English.

Truth Radio does not shrink from controversy. However, we want to stick with issues true to our various statements of purpose. The way a redeemed man with the Creator's Holy Spirit living in and working through him relates to his society as he obeys the command to (Old Testament) "Take dominion" and (New Testament) "Occupy until I come," are the important issues for us to talk about on Truth Radio. 1Samuel 16:7 "But the LORD said unto Samuel, . . . man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart."

In my college years I studied semantics, the science of carefully noting that your adversary and you may very well hold dear the very same concepts while expressing them with different words. Again, words are the symbols of thought. If ANYone is able to see beyond the symbol down to the thought and intent it is He who Created us. Remember, He told us that if a son asked his father for a fish that father (human father) would never give him a serpent instead. Surely, we can trust our Creator-Redeemer to read our HEARTS rather than simply our lips.

So, I suggest you use your time reading the Word so that you know how to relate yourself to our Creator-Redeemer. Be practical. Don't worry about the fine points. Yield yourself to Him. Read Romans 12:1-2 and when you get that right, enjoy living to the Glory of God, fully yielded to Him, trusting Him to see your heart. If you worship our Perfect Creator Redeemer, He will know who you are. He is not confused by details.

For more information on this subject Truth Radio recommends that you read an article prepared by a Truth Radio listener.

A courteous rebuttal
Written by Jason Allen .

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