Courts collecting fines should turn over the money to charity. To keep the money defeats justice. It is a conflict of interest.

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Today is
March 19, 2018
08:54 AM

When you Google "Richard Palmquist" be careful.

Richard H. Palmquist of Truth Radio is NOT Richard F. Palmquist. He is not connected with a pet hospital. He does not have a doctorate, and he is definitely NOT a Scientologist. Those are other Richard Palmquists.

The Google reference to Dr. Stephen Richard Palmquist, links to my second son, a who earned his doctorate from Oxford University in Great Britain. He is a tenured professor at Hong Kong Baptist University in China. His older brother Philip is a CPA in Santa Barbara, California, and his younger brother Timothy is a full-time pro-life worker in Bakersfield, California. Their sisters are Mary Petrie of Indio, California and Carol MacNeill of Los Angeles, California.

These five families have given birth to 24 grandchildren and about ten great-grands for my wife Dolores and me, whose divorce finalized January 13, 2011. To summarize, the divorce was the product of my wife suffering from COPD and CHF with corrective open heart surgery in May of 2007, followed by near-death resulting in cognitive difficulty diagnosed as dementia with probably Alzheimers, followed by conduct offensive to professional caregivers, combined with acceptance-affection-seeking response by myself to these difficulties causing my family to move their mother to divorce me. She passed away to eternal healing in September 2014. These have been hurtful, challenging and devastating years. I am not now who I was once. However, I retain Romans 12:1-2 dedication to be available to the Lord's Holy Spirit so long as I have breath. In October, 2014, Rhuna Teresa Soegaard and I were married. I adopted her adult daughter Kathrine in January 2015. They are natives of Denmark. We are adjusting to a new life of creativity.

My reason for posting this is that a Truth Radio listener in Holland wrote me asking if I was really a Scientologist.

Now you know. I am not a Scientologist. I am WIDE open to answer any question about myself that you might ask. Write me.

-- Richard Palmquist
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