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Today is
March 19, 2018
08:53 AM

Congress and the President have guaranteed us
working automobiles, all maintenance and repairs paid

You say "WHAT?" Well, consider:

The core issue of the health bill (that issue opposed by many state governments opposing the health care law) is that Congress has ASSUMED the right to place a mandate upon individuals. To date, all those laws that obligate individuals have been non-laws. They are contrivances designed to force individuals to volunteer.

This new health bill is based upon the public policy:

1. That Congress has the obligation to care for each individual;

2. We individuals occupy our bodies.

3. Therefore, Congress must maintain and repair our bodies for us.

What we must impose upon Congress in the near future is that:

1. Our bodies are not the only place we occupy.

2. We occupy cars. Travel by automobile is as much a necessity for each individual (except in Manhattan) as is good health.

3. Therefore, Congress has by the Health Bill (under the principle of precedence) obligated itself to pay for the maintenance and repair of our automobiles -- if not to pay the purchase price itself.

Coming next:

1. Congress must perfect its care for us.

2. We also occupy homes.

3. Therefore, the purchase, care for, insurance of and taxation on each residence is the obligation of Congress.

We will then have no need to work. We will all be retired.

1. Congress will grow our food, build our cars, construct our homes.

2. Congressional Secretaries will deliver the food to our supermarkets, rivet car bodies and nail 2 x 4s.

3. Therefore, food will cost us no labor; Congress will pay the check-out clerk (what clerk? No need for clerks.)

Congress will build our homes and office buildings (but who needs offices any more). Congress will write and produce our TV programs. Congressional Pages will do the commercials. Congress, will update our computer games, provide party schedules, mandate visits to the gym, and tickle all facets of our liesure fantacies, requiring no work, and paying no wages.


Who needs to work? Congress is determined to meet our every need. Wait, though. Under this heavenly plan of government, who will want to be a Congressional secretary or page? Who will want to be in Congress?

Doesn't this mean that the health bill is a move toward chaos?

Posted March 23, 2010, by Richard Palmquist www.truthradio.com www.truthradio.info

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