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Jarring and Controversial Information

One-sheets and other briefs:

The titles below were written by the founder of Truth Radio, Richard Palmquist (frontoffice@truthradio.com).

Print this page and mail it to the address at the bottom.

1. Let's look at the national debt

2. Money creation, the national debt and stock prices

3. Monetary Policy

4. Ask the Secretary of Treasury about the national debt

5. The LAW, all the laws

6. The law is irrelevant

7. How electricity works -- a discussion of “free energy”

8. God's World Order and Man's Value System

9. Grace: Trivial or Vital?

10. Does your church insult God?

11. The Good News

12. Who Killed the Jews?

13. Let's Tax the Money Supply, Not People

14. An email letter to President G.W. Bush about the search for bin Laden and related issues

15. Personal liberty for realistic people – a challenge directed to members of the “Patriot Movement”

16. Freedom's Song Gone-- about your individual sovereignty

17. “Our Desire is” -- a statement of purpose for Truth Radio

18. Truth Radio's Mission

19. “Why is it Legal to Ignore the Law in Court?” A four page article from February 2002 Media Bypass

20. The Genuine Christmas Message Can End Your "Jihad"

21. Puzzling Income Tax Problems

22. Glory Gospel

Print this page and circle the articles you want. Then mail it to P O Box 344, Nipomo, CA 93444, and I personally will put your request in the mail to you. Allow a couple weeks, please, and remember, you are an important part of our team. We spend ourselves and our money daily to serve you through Truth Radio. Whatever donation you can send, we will appreciate. You can donate through PayPal on this site, or e-mail us for instructions on how to set up a monthly credit card donation. The amount is not important. What is important is that we hear from you each month. In all of life, we gladly pay for what is important to us. Right? Thank you. --Richard Palmquist

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