Powers of We the People

by Richard Palmquist


If you have read my "Escape the Candy Cage" you are aware of my list of the powers vested in "We the People." Since writing that booklet, I have refined the list. The following powers are NOT granted us by government. We have these powers from God, and these powers are meant to balance the powers of government.

1. Vote in honest elections.

2. Run for office.

3. Volunteer for Grand Jury duty.

4. Serve on a petit jury.

5. Exercise your citizen's arrest right when necessary.

6. When you have a question or grievance against government exercise your right of remonstrance and insist upon receiving a respectful reply.

7. When you serve on a Grand Jury work to free the Grand Jury system from supervision by any governmental entity or power. Grand Juries are intended to be superior to government.

8. When Grand Juries become superior in fact, work to refashion the petit jury system so that all "regular" jurors are chosen under the supervision of a Grand Jury administrator.

9. Insist upon accountability and servanthood whenever you meet with an employee or elected official of government.

If you do not have your copy of "Escape the Candy Cage" write me for a copy.

Posted on www.truthradio.com September 8, 2004

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