Did you know?

That as of 2005 --
76 years ago the President of General Motors predicted 80-mpg by 1939;

2. 69 years ago Ford Motor Co. tested a 170-mpg Pogue carburetor;

3. 32 years ago Shell Oil Co demonstrated a 376-mpg automobile;

4. 28 years ago a 100-mpg Ford V-8 was demonstrated;

5. 22 years ago Peugeot advertised a 72-mpg @ 56-mph Diesel.

6. 3 years ago an English newspaper article announced a 104-mpg Toyota Diesel and 94-mpg VW/Audi Diesels.

7. Commercial fuel cell vehicles have been available in Europe for years.

8. Many U.S. Patents exist for devices that separate the elements of water for use as fuel, one patent #1,380,183 was granted 84 years ago.


A CD is available detailing documentation for four of the above statements. If you wonder why this technology is not available to you see: byronw.www1host.com.



Byron Wine    


Manassas, VA


Byron has asked that Truth Radio handle orders for the CD containing his exhaustive research. We will send you his files on CD when you contact us. Remember, the price is “We give, you give.”