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Pastor Massad's Day in court first hour
Citations of law protect him.

Pastor Massad's Day in court second hour
His experience could help you.

Pastor Massad's Dire Warning For The Patriot Community
An Honest Assessment.

Pastor Massad's Thanksgiving Day program

Entire, unedited hour.

Listen to Pastor Massad talk about the 501(c)(3) burden

Let your pastor hear this!

Learn about a successful program to free you from dependency.
"Passages" founder tells of his cure for alcoholism and other dependencies.

Breaking the Law to enforce the law: the Eddie Kahn non-extradition.
Learn how the FBI broke international law in support of the Snipes case.

President Kennedy Challenges major media.
This speech was delivered April 27, 1961.

Jury Education By Dwight Callaway.
Richard Palmquist reads Callaway's appeal for Jury Nullification.

Winner of Nobel Prize in Literature lays it on the line.
Harold Pinter accepts the prize from his wheel chair.

Are you discouraged?
Shake it off!

Officer Jack McLamb tells you how the "draft" works
A possible legal way to avoid the draft

Website with details on avoiding the draft
In case the website is down

Hitlerian government in the US? You decide.
The sad story of Anthony Hargis

If you have a Mighty Fortress
Why do you have to check ID's at the door?

Congress ratifies The Bill of Rights.
Hear what the ratification in Congress of the Bill of Rights might have sounded like.

Former FBI Asset blows the whistle on the Bush family
In October 1993, on Radio KDNO, Richard Palmquist interviewed Dianne Novinger.

Jack McLamb and guest talk about lawyers

Entire, unedited hour.

Can you find an important job . . .

and stick to it?

John D. Rockefeller comments on today's economy.

Carl Klang sings about the Federal Reserve.

"We Give, You Give"