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There are many different ways to connect to audio: many different "players" out there. So, if you are listening to Truth Radio and you think "That's not loud enough, or that's duddy," try a different player.

We have limited bandwidth. We must. Bandwidth costs money, and we can only spend money we receive.

HINT: If you click on our LISTEN link and you get an error message, but a player frame comes up, try clicking on the "play" button. Streaming is like meeting in a hotel conference room. In our "server" room there is a limited number of "seats." New "seats" cost money. When you write to us about a listening problem, be sure to be ready to tell us what operating system and what player you use.

When you are listening, and suddenly you are cut off, we want to know. Send an e-mail. Tell us what time it happened. Tell us in what time zone you listen. Most problems you have will be solved by consulting with a local computer service; but if we can help, please e-mail us. Be sure to put "Hello" in the subject line. We welcome your comments at rp@truthradio.com.

Bookmark Our Audio Feeds

Internet connections are complex., They sometimes break down. That should not keep you from listening to Truth Radio. Save our LISTEN links on our home page to your "Favorites" list. That will give you a quick path to our live audio. If you still have a problem, click on our "Tech Talk" page. It will help you understand that there could be many sources of trouble. If you experience "drop-outs" or are unable to connect to our servers, the problem may not be with our stream. The problem could be on any of dozens of "nodes" between you (the listener) and one of our streaming servers.

Hopefully, we will not have webpage downtimes but in case we do you will always have links to reach your favorite shows. Thank you.