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Father's Financial Foundation
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Truth Radio is NOT a "radio station." We do not have a large"pool" of people always tuned in. Picture Truth Radio as a conference room in a hotel. If you were going to hold a seminar, you would rent a hotel conference room. On the day of the seminar, though, if you did not advertise, the conference room would be empty. We provide the "room." You provide the listeners.

Your program on Truth Radio can cost you money or you can use it to make money. It is your choice. Under Plan One below, we will give you time without charge. Plan Two puts you in control. Plan Three has us working together.

1. Sell time to advertisers to be heard during breaks in your program;
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To learn what you would pay for either the Buy Out or Share plan, click on our "Rates" button. Whatever your reaction after reading about these plans, if you have an idea that will work better for you, tell us about it! No agreement is any good unless it works for both parties. Get started. Choose a blank time on our schedule. Then, e-mail Richard Palmquist at today. Tell him what time you want. Tell him which plan you want. Tell him when you will be ready to start. First come, first served.

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